Design-Build Services

Our expert designers and contractors have the ability to take projects from inception to final product.  Design-build projects provide the ability for a cohesive process as the same team is involved in every phase of the project.  Our designers and contractors at Anderson Construction can provide this seamless, cohesive process for you on your next design-build project, no matter what size!

Anderson Construction has extensive experience with the design-build approach that may better suit the needs of many clients.  Advantages for our clients in a design-build approach include:  single point of responsibility, improved project quality, earlier development of guaranteed costs, cost savings, time savings and improved risk management.  Change orders and omissions are virtually eliminated in a design build scenario, as the design-build team has both the responsibility for developing drawings and specification, as well as seeing the project through to completion. The design-build creates a unique partnering opportunity between owner, design team and builder.